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36 Euros


First edition / 150 Copies

80 Pages // 21x30 cm

Black & White contact sheets  // Hardcover, wire-O Binding

ISBN: 978-3-00-062666-1

Alfonso Moral © 2019

Zero comes from the Arabic word Safara, which means emptiness. The Arabs assigned to this number the lack of quantity. This book proposes an approach to the concept of zero through photographs taken in Libya and Syria during the armed conflict.  Between the beginning and the end. Between the positive and the negative. Pending. From the broken dreams of the Libyan revolution to the endless war in Syria that has plunged the country into chaos without any close solution. 

Zero as the sum of multiple actors and situations that have failed to obtain any results so far, only an empty sum. Zero as a collapse.  

Captura de pantalla 2020-01-03 a las 13.



184 Pages // 21x30 cm

Black & White / Color//


Alfonso Moral © 2021

54 Euros


Phoenicia, the ancient empire that inhabited the Mediterranean Sea built its most important cities on the land that is now Lebanon. The project Phoenicia is my most personal approach to this territory turned into an imaginary country where I try to understand some of the values that move this complex Arab society. I arrived in Lebanon for the first time in 2004, since then I have travelled to this small country many times and in 2012 I moved there to live for the last six years.


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