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Main Awards  Photography & Film

2018. Les Rencontres d'Arles. Luma Dumy Book Award. Shorlisted. "Phoenicia: Irrational Catalogue".

2018. Fiebre Book Dummy Award. Finalist: "Phoenicia: Irrational Catalogue".

2017. Vevey Images dummy book Award. Shorlisted "Zero".

2016. Les Rencontres d'Arles. Luma Dumy Book Award. Shorlisted. "Zero".

2015. Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Prize. " Shadows of Tripoli".

2015. Les Rencontres d'Arles. Finalists Pdf Award. " Zero"

2014. Leica Oscar Barnack Prize. Finalist: “ Shadows of Tripoli”.

2012.Best Of Photojournalism (NPPA). 3rd prize. Non-Traditional Photojournalism Publishing“ Libya: Year Zero”

2011. Picture of the Year International. Long Multimedia Story. First Prize.

2010. Magnum Expression Award. Finalist. USA. “ Lebanon between sea & fire”.

2009. Magnum Expression Award. USA. Finalist. “Addicts a generation lost to Afghanistan

2009. Anthropographia, Canada. Honourable Mention “Addicts a generation lost to Afghanistan”.

2009. Fotopres 09 Spain. 3rd prize “ Lebanon between sea & fire”.

2008. Picture of the Year. Feature Picture Story. Award of Excellence “Palestinian refugees in Lebanon”


- Best Film Award at ICCL Human Rights Award, Ireland

-Best Short Film and Creation of CANAL+ at Women’s Film Festival of Creteil, France

- Audience Award for Best Documentary at Ciné Globe Film Festival, Switzerland

-Best Documentary Award at “In the Palace Film Festival 2012”, Bulgaria

-Best Documentary Award at Porto7, Portugal

-Best Documentary Award at ECOZINE Zaragoza, Spain.

‐Best edition award at XXI International Festival of Ethnological Film Belgrade, Serbia.

‐Best documentary award at FIC Puebla, Mexico

‐Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, Turkey.

-Award of the Mayor of Čadca , Slovenia

-Best Short Film at Free Net World, Serbia.

‐Best Documentary Award at ISSFC, Cyprus.

‐Best Documentary Award at Festival de Zaragoza, Spain.

‐Best Short Film at Free Net World, Serbia.

‐Best Film at “DocZone section” Concorto Festival, Italy.

‐Best Short Documentary at Atlantidoc, Uruguay.