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Awards Photography & Film

2018. Les Rencontres d'Arles. Luma Dumy Book Award. Shorlisted. "Phoenicia: Irrational Catalogue".

2017. Vevey Images dummy book Award. Shorlisted "Zero".

2016. Les Rencontres d'Arles. Luma Dumy Book Award. Shorlisted. "Zero".

2015. Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Prize. " Shadows of Tripoli".

2015. Les Rencontres d'Arles. Finalists Pdf Award. " Zero"

2014. Leica Oscar Barnack Prize. Finalist: “ Shadows of Tripoli”.

2012. Best Film Award at ICCL Human Rights Award, Ireland

2012. Best documentary award at FIC Puebla, Mexico

2011. Picture of the Year International. Long Multimedia Story. First Prize.

2011. Best Short Film and Creation of CANAL+ at Women’s Film Festival of Creteil, France

2011. Best Documentary Award at Porto7, Portugal

2010. Magnum Expression Award. Finalist. USA. “ Lebanon between sea & fire”.

2009. Anthropographia, Canada. Honourable Mention “Addicts a generation lost to Afghanistan”.

2009. Fotopres 09 Spain. 3rd prize “ Lebanon between sea & fire”.


2018. Malzfabrik. Berlin." Invisible Borders: Beirut-Berlin”.

2017. Mansion. Artist residence. Beirut. “Invisible Borders: Beirut-Berlin”

2014. Nasauiye Art Centre Beirut. “ Adolescents Syrian girls in Lebanon”

2014. Photo España. (group exhibition) “Arab Spring”. Zaragoza, Spain.

2012. ICIP “Libya: Year Zero”, Barcelona, Spain.

2011. Silver Eye Gallery. (Pittsburgh. USA) HomeFrontLine “ Freed: Faces Of Guantanamo”.

2011. American University Museum (Washington) “ E waste in Karachi Pandora Collective. 2010.

2009. Caixa Forum Barcelona / Madrid. “ Lebanon between sea & fire”.